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We organise a group litter pick two and sometimes three times a year in and around the Langton Matravers and the hamlet of Acton. As well as the village centres, our litter picks cover the many footpaths across the surrounding countryside, including coastal ones and the well known beauty spot, Dancing Ledge, an old cliff-side stone quarry. So, as with many of the L-FP litter picks, you to take in a lot of the beautiful countryside and coastal views here while beautifying it further by removing rubbish left by the thoughtless few.

Love Langton started in 2012 and became part of Litter-free Purbeck in 2016.

We also work to prevent the dropping of litter by spreading the litter-free message through talks at St George’s CE VA Primary School, reporting annually at Langton Matravers’ Parish Assembly and by offering local businesses L-FP partnership status in the shape of a Litter-free Purbeck sticker.

Since we started, we have removed over 200 bags of rubbish from our lovely parish. In common with other Purbeck parishes, Langton and Acton are visited by thousands of holidaymakers each year. While it isn’t just holidaymakers who drop litter, we see a rise in litter during the summer, especially on routes between campsites and the village, on Dancing Ledge and along our roads and lanes.

As people wise up to the hazards and harms of litter, and realise that you have to be a complete dummy to drop it, we are now picking up less. We have gone from removing around 21-24 bags of litter to 7-10 each organised litter pick.

We welcome new volunteers, whoever you may be, to our litter picks. As with other L-FP litter picks, dogs are best left at home unless they are registered assistance dogs. Children (8+ will enjoy our picks) are very welcome but are your responsibility at all times. If you would like to litter pick your road or lane on your own or with a friend at times to suit yourself, please contact us.

Co-Ordinator: Bridget Mayes (temporary), 01929 421753

Mission: Love Langton shares the aims of the main umbrella group, Litter-free Purbeck, i.e. to care for the place that we live in, work in or just visit by keeping it litter-free. Our ultimate aim is obsolence, of course.

How Are We Doing?
Please see below details of the number of volunteers we had, and the number of bags we filled at our events. We hope that this will contribute data to our website to show the overall picture.

TOP TIP: When viewing the table below on a mobile phone turn the phone horizontally or you can slide the table left and right with your finger.
Date Location Duration in Hours No. of Volunteers Volunteer Hours No. of Bags Weight Kgs Most Numerous Type
Cumulative to Date 10.75 32 66.75 73 584
2016-2018 Cumulative 55.5 444
4/30/19 Crack Lane 0.75 1 0.75 0.5 4 Cans
4/29/19 Dancing Ledge & Hedbury Quarry 2 21 42 6 48 Glass bottles
3/24/19 Langton & Kingston 6 1 6 2.5 20
3/24/19 Langton 2 9 18 8.5 68
Duration (hours)
No. Of Volunteers
Volunteer Hours
No. of bags filled
Weight in kgs

If these numbers inspire you please help us…