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A Tonne Of Beach Litter In A Year

tonne collage

Swanage Beach Buddies organizers, Dave and Sally Pratten, have reported that on Tuesday evening, 21 Beach Buddy volunteers collected 16kg of rubbish.

Dave said, “A great effort from all involved, and lovely feedback from members of the public. Our three youngest volunteers Bella, Harrison and Maisie were given a £10 note to buy ice creams from a grateful visitor.

“Last night marked a grim milestone in that since we took over as Beach Buddy co-ordinators a year ago, we have organised 62 beach cleans and collected 1001.5kg of litter. A metric tonne!

A tonne is, among other things, the weight of a Walrus, an adult male Polar Bear, a Black Rhino, a 1979 Volkswagen Beetle, and The Liberty Bell.

Dave sums up our feelings when he says, “We look forward to the day when we can all be made redundant as our beach and bay will be completely litter-free.”

In the meantime Dave & Sally are planning a coffee and cake event to reward their team for their magnificent efforts.