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Bravo, Swanage Beach Buddies!

Swanage Beach Buddies Sunday 19th January 2020

BRAVO, BEACH BUDDIES! Thanks so much for removing 16 kgs of beach litter of all shapes and sizes but particularly the hundreds of polystyrene balls that have been blown out of the sea. These are the spawn of the devil as when eaten by marine birds and animals, they weigh down sea birds so that they can’t lift off from the water or in turtles (yes, we do get them here sometimes) they accumulate so much that they become too light to dive down into the sea to hunt for food. So while cans, bottles and food wrapping are unsightly and can attract rats etc., it’s this tiny stuff, along with nurdles, other plastic fragments and cigarette butts that pose an immediate risk to our marine environment here. If you see any, please remove what you can to a bin and wash your hands. Removing it is an understandably impractical task for our council’s team who rightly concentrate on the big stuff, so a big thank you goes to: Amanda and Tony for leading and Bella, Teresa, Dave, Sally, Shane, Phil, Nick, Jan, Sharon and Chris, for such a dedicated and fantastic clean up job on an amazing sunny Sunday. Truly Beach Stars!