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As reported a week of so ago, our friends at the Swanage Army Link Dawn Patrol were out at the beginning of the month doing their regular litter-pick along the Valley Road between Swanage and Wareham. When they’d finished that, they did the main roads from Corfe Castle to Studland and Ulwell.

In all they cleared litter from around 29 miles of verges, and the things they found most of were as follows:

  1. Drinks cans, mostly from the outskirts of Swanage (mainly Carlsberg), and also on the B3351 leaving Corfe for Studland. 
  2. Fast food wrappers (mainly McDonald’s). 
  3. Debris left behind after Road Traffic Collisions. There was a nice neat pile of plastic near Studland.  Great……but please take the neat pile away!
  4. Stuff flown out of the back of builders open trucks. Please bag it up. 
  5. Magnetic ‘L’ plates that fly off cars at high speed, mainly from between Norden and Wareham.

All the while they’d been doing that, they’d noticed an astonishing build up of new litter on the Valley Road between the Langton junction and Harman’s Cross. It is unusual for it to build up again so quickly.

So, just when they thought they’d finished they set to and did that section of the Valley Road again and cleared another 21 kg of litter from another 4 miles of verges, including some plasterboard and half a traffic bollard (see photo above).

Many thanks to the team, Frank Roberts, Hannah Casey, Pete Duncalfe, Simon Goldsack, Lara Manningham-Buller & Ryan O’Connell.

Another ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ performance!

Frank and the team are always looking for extra help, so if you’re interested please contact Frank at