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Purbeck Perfect!
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Our friends at Swanage Army Link have been out on Dawn Patrol again. Their leader, Frank Roberts reports:

“Continuing the recent theme of getting up at ‘Stupid O’clock’, the ladies were once again out for their early morning tipple. 
Important stuff on the Golf Course-Currendon Hill-Ulwell Laybys-Dean Hill-Studland route. 
Lara Manningham-Buller chose thirty 60ml bottles of the first quality  ‘High Commissioner’ finest whiskey at £5.19 a bottle; while Hannah Jameison settled for a more modest Pot Noodle. 
I of course took photos and sat in the van in my usual Supervisory role…
Thank you to Andy (AKA Dixie) from DCWS for taking away another 11 bags of rubbish, the friendly drivers who showed true support by slowing down, waving a hello, and overtook us with space – inc all the local bus drivers on 50s. Great that we could use the National Trust car part at 0555hrs; thank you. We appreciate your support.