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SWANAGE ARMY LINK – Five years of supporting litter picks in Purbeck.

swanage army link litter count 4th march 2021
Swanage Army Link Litter Count 4th March 2021


A big thank you to Swanage Army Link for their mamoth effort this week. I’lll let Frank give you the detail:


The Swanage Army Link ‘Rubbish Party’ held  on Thursday 4th March was organised to audit litter picked up on the A351 between Swanage and Wareham earlier this week. (SAL is a partner group which also supports litter picking in Purbeck)
The main photo was taken on 4th March 2021 to celebrate FIVE YEARS of litter picking the A351. This regular effort has been fully completed 16 times during this 5 year period – supported by numerous other isolated litter picks along the road, and also by Litter Free Purbeck teams in Wareham, Corfe Castle, Harmans Cross & Swanage. Teams have been out in all of these locations this week, informally supporting a ‘spring clean’ across Purbeck;  what can you safely do to support this effort?
In the photo are: (left to right) Simon Goldsack, Lara Manningham-Buller, Pete Duncalfe, Fergus Holland, Ben Tolley, at the front Fin Stockley, then Stanley, Hannah Jamison, and Frank Roberts.  
Also supporting us this week were Ryan O’Connel, Andy Seabright and Dorset Council Waste Services who are removing around 85 bags and other items of collateral road damage as I scribe. The photo was taken by Paul Jamison – on Frank’s camera. Feel free to use photos; credit Frank E Roberts. 
The result of the litter audit will be covered on Swanage TV this evening, and on Purbeck Coast Radio. 
[The main photo was staged, with 5 of those present arriving from work to a ‘socially distanced photograph’.  Thank you to a Hannah and Pete (with Fin) who counted most of the litter]
Happy Days. F
img 20210302 wa0001
Dawn Patrol 2nd March 2021
img 20210302 wa0000
Dawn Patrol 2nd March 2021
img 20210303 wa0001
A351 Litter 3rd March 2021
img 20210303 wa0002
A351 Litter 3rd March 2021
img 20210303 wa0004
A351 Litter 3rd March 2021
img 20210303 wa0006
Wareham Wombles 3rd March 2021