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ROAD SIGNS – A message from Swanage Landers’ Frank Roberts

Please don't toss it, take it home and put it in the bin!

In 2018 were were pleased to receive a hefty donation for our activities from Swanage Carnival.  Part of their funding paid for a set of signs that are now out on tour an are moved to various road-side locations throughout Purbeck.  This helps spread awareness on litter, and of what we do at Litter-Free Purbeck!

There are currently three pairs of signs on the A351 at Woodyhyde to the west of Harmans Cross, and two pairs of signs near the Halfway Inn near Stoborough.

Regrettably the “Don’t be a Tosser” sign, which got the most attention, has been nicked – and is probably on some kids bedroom wall! What a pity!

Thank you Swanage Carnival and everyone in the wider community for all your support.   Also Simon Goldsack for getting the signs manufactured.

Ed. – Great photos, Frank.