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beach buddies 50 & 1 tonne 20220821
50 Beach Cleans - A Tonne Of Litter In 2022 So Far!

Last Sunday, Swanage Beach Buddies carried out their 50th beach clean of the year, removing 20.5kg of litter. This year alone the dedicated team of volunteers have removed over a tonne of litter (that’s 2,204 lbs in old money!). Co-ordinators Dave and Sally would like to thank them for all their efforts and appeal to the public to take their rubbish home with them so that we can all become redundant!

We would like to think that we are well on the road to achieving that but the evidence suggests otherwise. You may remember this photo from about the same time last year, when we reported that the 1 tonne milestone had been reached, and we gave you an idea of what 1 tonne might look like, e.g. a Walrus, an adult male Polar Bear, a Black Rhino, a 1979 Volkswagen Beetle, or The Liberty Bell. It took 12 months to reach that weight last year, but the 1 tonne has been reached in less that 8 months this time!

tonne collage
Things That Weigh A Tonne (Not The Beach Buddies!)
lead 3 marine litter 1022x640
A Tangled Mess Such As We Find On North Beach

Fishing Industry Litter


Of course, not all of the litter removed from the beaches is due to beachgoers; the bulkier and heavier stuff is washed up from the sea and is often commercial fishing gear.

We are not the only ones finding this. Some of you will have read the recent article in Swanage News about Oly Rush and his team who removed a mass of such litter from Durlston Bay. You can see the article here.

As ever, picking up the litter is not going to solve the problem. Prevention is the answer and there is an international organisation, Fishing For Litter, trying to tackle the issue.

Twelve harbours across the South West have joined the effort, but none in Dorset so far. So, if you’re reading this and you’re a Dorset fisherman why not get your harbour to join up? Contact Fishing For Litter

If you’d like to help Litter-Free Purbeck, please contact us at

plastics 3
Oly's Team Landing The Catch At Studland