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Blitz The Butts Update

Outside a Swanage pub 6th October 2019 – never mind, the next rain will wash them into the sea!
Outside a Swanage pub 6th October 2019 – never mind, the next rain will wash them into the sea!

A big thank you to all the venues and businesses who are showing their support for the “Bin Your Butt” campaign. We launched this last week as the second part of the Blitz The Butts campaign, which we started in May this year in Swanage. The aim is to bring attention to the problem with cigarette butt litter and ask people to dispose of them properly. We hope to roll out the campaign to other areas in the coming months.

This is a list of the businesses who’ve shown their support so far by displaying at least one of our posters (some have put up three or four):

  1. The Anchor Inn
  2. Arkwrights
  3. Ballard Down Stores
  4. Barber Shack
  5. Beach Hut Seafood Bar
  6. The Beach Shop
  7. The Black Swan
  8. Bliss Restaurant
  9. Burnbake Forest Lodges and Campsites
  10. The Cellar Bar
  11. The Co-Op
  12. Court Hill Wines
  13. The Crow’s Nest
  14. Daisy May’s Shopping Arcade
  15. East Bar
  16. Ever after
  17. Foley’s Garage
  18. Forties Café
  19. Going For Bust
  20. Golden Bengal Restaurant
  21. Harlees
  22. Harman’s Cross Village Hall
  23. Hayman’s Bakery
  24. Health Station
  25. Fortes Ice Cream Parlour Swanage Bay
  26. Jenkins Newsagents
  27. John’s Toyland
  28. Jurassic Outdoor
  29. Ladbrokes
  30. Leonards
  31. Love Cake
  32. McColl’s
  33. The Mowlem Theatre
  34. Natural Wonders
  35. Ocean Blue
  36. The Parade Fish & Chips
  37. Purl-N-Lace
  38. Rainbow’s End
  39. Rainbow Kebab
  40. The Red Lion
  41. Saltrock
  42. Sandie’s Barbershop
  43. Shoreside
  44. W.H. Smith
  45. Swanage Information Centre
  46. Swanage Insurance Brokers
  47. Swanage Associated Taxis
  48. Swanage Mobility
  49. The Waterfront
  50. Wine Yard
  51. Wok Chef
  52. 4 Moochers
  53. Yorkshire Building Society

If we’ve missed your business off, please contact us at, with a photo of your poster being displayed, and we’ll gratefully add you to the list. Similarly, if we were unable to deliver a poster to you, let us know and we’ll get one to you. Many thanks.

Butt Facts
Cigarette butts are the most commonly found form of ocean litter, and in 2014 the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup initiative (ICC) volunteers collected 2m of them.

Discarded cigarette butts are non-biodegradable and they are also the most common form of litter found in beach clean ups. It is estimated that around 4 trillion cigarette ends are discarded across the world each year.

As well as being unsightly, cigarette butts are a toxic contaminant, which leach numerous chemicals including heavy metals, nicotine and ethylphenol in water. Discarded butts pose a threat to animals and people, particularly young children if ingested, which is not uncommon.

Source: ASH Fact Sheet on Tobacco and the environment