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Swanage Beach Buddies 5th October 2019

THANK YOU, YOU LOVELY PEOPLE! Swanage Beach is lucky to have you as its buddies. Yesterday, Debbie with Keira and Lexie, Robin, Bella, Sally and (not in shot) Teresa patiently pulled plastics (and sundry trash) from Swanage south and central beaches – all 23 kgs of them. A big thank you (and welcome) to Keira and Lexie who heaved off the beach this massive pile of fishing litter weighing 16 kgs and full of hazardous fine net and hooks. A few nurdles have started to come up in the recent bad weather, but the single worst litter type were the butts…AGAIN. Trillions of these things are littered around the world. If they give humans cancer, just think what they’re doing to the environment! Next beach cleans are Sun 20th October and Sat 2nd November, 9.15am for 9.30am at Beach Clean Central (the blue wooden beach hut by the wishing well on Shore Road). Everyone welcome, but dogs are best left at home unless you have three arms. Grown ups, please bring gardening gloves; we have them for kids. #binyourbutts #stopthedrop #cleanseas #acleanerPurbeckforourkids #haulitinfishermen #dontcutloose