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Love Langton

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We will be running four group litterpicks in 2023 in and around the Langton Matravers and the hamlet of Acton. The dates are:

Sat 1st April, Sat 17th June, Sat 30th Sept and Sat 25th Nov

We will meet in St. George’s Close, by the Church at 9.30pm and will be finished by noon at the latest, depending on our routes.

As well as the village centre, our litter picks cover the many footpaths across the surrounding countryside, including coastal ones and the well known beauty spot, Dancing Ledge, an old cliff-side stone quarry. So, as with many of the L-FP litter picks, you take in a lot of the beautiful countryside and coastal views here while beautifying it further by removing rubbish. Some of our volunteers go out at other times that work for them to concentrate on particular grot spots.

Love Langton started in 2012 and became part of Litter-free Purbeck in 2016. We work with St. George’s CE VA Primary School and the National Trust to raise awareness of the harms of litter in our particularly beautiful landscape. 

Our Jurassic Bark Purbeck group is modelled on the original Jurassic Bark volunteer group at Bridport that works to raise awareness of the serious harms of dog poo in popular tourist spots and encourages dog owners and walkers to put their dog poo bags in any street litter bin or take it home to put it into black bag household rubbish. Why? Bugs that can be carried in the poo of dogs which have missed a worming dose e.g. neospora caninum and toxicara canis can cause abortion in pregnant cows, neurological defects in calves, and with toxicara canis risk blindness in children in the worst cases. No one likes to tread in it and it’s just plain littering and plastic pollution if dog poo bags are chucked into hedges – there’s no such thing as a Dog Poo Bag Fairy, after all. 

Since we started, we have removed hundreds of bags of rubbish from our lovely parish. Want to help? Just email

Thank you for your support!