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Swanage is an urban parish with a very busy annual calendar, and a high turnover of cultural and beach-going events. In addition to proactive Town Council, Dorset Council rangers (and a large team of volunteers) support Durlston Country Park and the National Trust look after the land to the North.  Within the Parish Swanage Landers deal with littering in the parish and the Beach Buddies address sea-side issues.

Coordinator:  Frank Roberts

Mission: Our aim is to tackle the litter problem by engaging the broader community to raise awareness of what can be done, not only by litter-picking activities, but also to deal with the various sources of the problem at corporate and individual levels.

Grot Spots: Both Ulwell Lay-byes, Washpond Lane, various smoking areas.  Almost all disguarded cigarette butts in Swanage, which wash down the drain, go out to sea!

How are we doing?  Swanage Landers usually meet on the 4th Saturday of the month, however more regular volunteers have adopted a road or two and pop out on their own.  Small groups can also be seen supporting various events through the year. 

We have the full support of Swanage Town Council (STC), and a very small team of more eager individuals engage in weed removal & pavement sweeping, and the maintenance of street furniture.  We also assist the reporting of Highway faults to Dorset Council, and other issues to the utility companies! Both STC & Dorset Waste Partnership support us with limited resources, as do the organisations & people of Swanage, for which we are extremely grateful.

Swanage welcomes visitors, and many people help keep the town tidy and ensure that the public areas are tidy soon after events are over; including at 0600hrs on New Year’s Day! So, we are always on the lookout for willing volunteers to pick up litter, adopt a street or two or undertake pavement sweeping.

Monthly Meets. We usually meet at the Main Beach Car Park, Victoria Avenue, BH19 1PW on the 4th Saturday of the month at 0915hrs, for a short safety brief, and then we are out and about. Please wear appropriate clothing depending on the weather, appropriate footwear and bring gloves.

Contact Us.  If you have a suggestion or would like to join our growing team, please contact  To report fly-tipping, pavement & street issues go to


Thank you for expressing an interest in Swanage Landers.  I hope to be able to welcome you to one of our litter-picking sessions soon. 

Our contribution is part of a much wider focus, which has steadily grown over the past few years. Back in the spring of 2016 areas of Purbeck were heavily littered and three individuals, unbeknown to each other, set out to pick some of it up!

This led to the formation of Litter-Free Purbeck in July 2016 with the intention of establishing of small groups to address local littering issues across the peninsular.  Swanage Landers now focuses on the streets and footpaths within the bounds of the Parish of Swanage, whilst the Beach Buddies support the beach and coastal areas. 

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, both groups have become more closely aligned with Swanage Town Council operations, and we are now formally represented within the Council.  From time to time we will also work with other groups such as Dorset Council Rangers at Durlston Country Park, or National Trust staff who manage lands to the north.

Nationally, and county level, there are many other organisations raising the profile of littering and other associated matters.  Litter Free-Purbeck is closely aligned with Litter Free Dorset, and together we support national initiatives such as ‘The Great British Spring Clean’.

Swanage Landers

Our overall aim is to raise awareness about the risks of litter to our own well-being, to farm animals, to wildlife, to our beautiful land & seascapes.

Swanage Landers engages in the following activities:

  1. Litter-picking. We arrange various group litter picking sessions, and a number of people adopt a small area to look after within the town.
  2. Proactive Reporting. We encourage individuals to report issues to Dorset Council and utility companies using their on-line systems.
  3. Pavement and Kerb Sweeping. A smaller team work to keep our pavements clear of weeds & detritus.  

Swanage Landers activities are insured by Swanage Town Council, and in summer 2021 both parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding. 

Whilst supporting Swanage Landers:

  • We hope you will enjoy your activity.
  • We are obliged to brief you on what needs to be done and provide you with the equipment you will need.
  • You must conduct your activity in a safe manner, reporting any accident or incident as soon as is reasonably possible.

Thank you for your support.

Frank Roberts

Swanage Landers

21st September 2021